Florida Woman Spring Turner Arrested After Twins Birth

Florida woman Turner was arrested after ‘giving birth to twins conceived by 17-year-old boy she was sexually assaulting for years’ abusing a teenage boy for years and then giving birth to twins that he fathered.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, deputies received a trip in April that Spring Turner, 40, had been abusing the teen from the age of 15.


They learned that she had gotten pregnant by him when he was 17 years old, reported News 6.

When officers interview the victim, he told them that the Florida Woman Turner, of Deland, would get him on high on marijuana before having intercourse with them.

News 6 reported that the boy said the abuse occurred while they were living in the same home.

Details weren’t clear as to how or when the boy met Turner and why they were living in the same house.

The teenager, in records viewed by TKTK, told deputies that the sexual abuse occurred at least 20 times from ages 15 to 17.

He alleged it would occur either when he came home from school or at night, and that he didn’t want to have sex with Turner.

According to records, the victim said the last incident of abuse took place on Fourth of July in 2018.

Turner allegedly threatened to kick the boy out unless he had sex with her, which resulted in her pregnancy.

When police interviewed Turner, she said she didn’t know who the father of her twins was, the affidavit stated, reported News 6.

Authorities say she claimed she was told by people that she had sex with the boy when she was drunk but that she couldn’t recall it happening.



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