dead Man Cries ‘Let me Out’ from Coffin on his Funeral.

“Let me out, it’s f***ing dark in here” a voice crying from the coffin that’s just been lowered into a grave in front of mourners.


Loved ones at an Irish funeral for Defense Forces veteran Shay Bradley were shocked — then delighted — when they heard the voice of their late friend calling out from his coffin.

But instead of alarm, a ripple of laughter sweeps across the crowd on the funeral ground at the grave yard in Kilmanagh, in Kilkenny in Ireland.

The dead man voice continues crying, “Where the f**k am I? Is that priest I can hear?” and the laughter grows even stronger.

This was the funeral of Irish Defence Force veteran Shay Bradley on Saturday, who through a pre-recorded message was able to entertain the attendees at his own graveside.

His daughter Andrea, who described it as “the best send off for an incredible man,” wrote on Twitter that the recording had been played through a speaker on the ground next to her father’s grave.

A video of the posthumous prank, posted to Twitter Sunday, shows mourners laughing and crying as Bradley’s voice began to sing, “Hello again, hello. Hello, I just called to say goodbye.”



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