Reason's Why Sperm Should Not Get In Your Eyes

Semen is made up of a whole bunch of things you really don’t want in your eye. A fructose-rich fluid makes up 65 to 70% of it and citric acid, enzymes acid phosphatase, and lipids make up 25 to 30%. Other components of semen include, chlorine, zinc, sodium, lactic acid, uric acid, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, nitrogen, protein, antigens, DNA, and a handful of other nutrients.

In addition to pain, it’s possible to contract an STI if you get semen in your eye. According to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the chances of getting HIV this way is really low, ” it’s still “theoretically possible.” The reason for this is that HIV can pass through the mucous membranes of the eyes. As for chlamydia and gonorrhea, although the chances are low (but not as low as it is for HIV), it’s also still “theoretically possible.” You’ll know something isn’t right if your eye stays irritated for more than a few hours. This is when you should contact your doctor and don’t need to be ashamed to tell them what happened. Sometimes people even get semen in their own eyes when they’re masturbating, so doctors have probably seen a decent amount of cases.


Your Eye will burn Like Hell

not just regular hell, but hell that’s a boatload of fire from far under the Earth’s crust, bubbling up from its core like volcano. It feels like a cross between burning and someone having elbowed you in the eye, so there’s this weird dull pain entangled with stinging. But the pain can be minimized if you act fast.

“The longer the ejaculate is in the eye, the longer/stronger the symptoms can be,” Dr. Stubbs says.

While your reaction might be to rub your eyes after rinsing it, don’t. It will just cause more irritation, so pat it gently dry.

Your Eye Will Start To Tear As It Tries To Get The Semen Out On Its Own

Tears are the eyes’ way of protecting themselves from foreign objects, or as it is in this case, foreign bodily fluids. Although the tears you may have in this particular situation might be a combination of crying along with those protective tears, either way the injured eye will tear up and won’t stop until it’s done its best to kick the semen out.

Again, while your instinct might be to rub your eye, it’s important to let your eye do its thing. If need be, you can flush it again with water, but for the most part, don’t mess with it.

You Should Flush The Semen Out With Lukewarm Water Stat

While this should be the first thing you do, in the drama of it all, it usually falls down to second place on the list of priorities. However, if you can remember to do it immediately, you know, while you’re dropping F-bombs, that’s a good move on your part.

“Try to flush out your eye with water as soon as possible,” Dr. Megan Stubbs, EdD, a doctor of education and a sex and relationship expert, tells Bustle. “It may feel like there is some serious damage to your eye, but it just usually ends up being irritated for a while.”

As for how long your eye is irritated depends on your body’s reaction to the cum, according to Dr. Stubbs. Also semen clumps pretty quickly, which is something to keep in mind. The sooner you get it out, the less likely it will be a major issue on the pain front.

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