Your Pastoral calling is from Satan: Daddy Freeze tells Yul Edochie. Controversial on-air temperament, dad Freeze has rubbished claim by Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie that he has career from God to be a pastor.

Edochie had same in a very tweet that he was nursing the ambition of turning into a pastor.
Edochie, WHO earlier this year survived a motor accident that would have claimed his life, same he had become born once more and would serve God.


However, Edochie, in a very tweet same such a large amount of things had been happening in recent time that left him in awe, language that he had a career to serve God.

“Back place urban center. when my acting seminar yesterday, resting, recharging for additional movements arising.

“So abundant is occurring recently that has left Pine Tree State in awe. In deed, I even have a career to serve God. A pastoral career,” he tweeted.

But dad Freeze failed to suppose Edochie had a career from God, however instructed that such career may well be from Prince of Darkness.

“I am hoping this your ‘calling’ is on God’s decision log sha. good way to showcase your ‘manifestations’ by telling folks to refuse what Christ same in Matthew 5:44 and follow their emotions instead, such as you recently instructed on twitter.

“Looks sort of a lost decision in my humble opinion, don’t take it too seriously,” he same on his Instagram page.

Daddy Freeze added: “Are you even positive it absolutely was the LORD of heaven’s armies that referred to as you, not the god of this world, Satan, as seen in a pair of Corinthians 4:4? as a result of, for all you recognize, there might are a gathering of the heavenly court as seen in Job chapters one and a couple of, wherever Prince of Darkness had access to God’s phone and perhaps referred to as you?”


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Your Pastoral calling is from Satan: Daddy Freeze tells Yul Edochie


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