Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may have broken up over a year ago, but it’s no secret that the wounds of their dissolved relationship has been difficult for Selena to handle.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber infamously broke up in March 2018, and then literally four months later, Justin got engaged to Hailey Baldwin, his now-wife. It’s been a lot for Selena to deal with, which is why she captured her emotions about Justin moving on so quickly in her two new singles, “Love You to Lose Me” and “Look at Her Now.”


Selena discussed her vulnerable new singles during an appearance for On Air With Ryan Seacrest this morning. Ryan brought up a particularly heartbreaking lyric in “Love You to Lose Me,” in which Selena sings, “You turned me down, and now it’s showing / In two months you replaced us / Like it was easy.” Neither Ryan nor Selena mentioned Justin or Hailey by name, but let’s be real—they totally didn’t need to.

Selena Gomez Accessplug

“The two months lyric would be worse for us than going through a breakup, is having to see someone with someone else so fast,” Ryan said, which Selena agreed with but sadly said that she was used to Justin finding a replacement chick to have fun with when things between them fell through.

So how has Selena been able to handle fans’ reaction to her songs being so personal? She doesn’t really know, TBH, but at the end of the day, Selena’s always going to be maintain a level of truth in her music. I’ve not been. I might not be overly chatty about it all the time, but this is where I’m able to release it. This is where it turns into art.”


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