Amber Alena Access Plug

Alena Amber cam model and adult film actress spend $25k to increase her breast. She increased her breast size from a B cup to a whopping N cup and has never felt happier — despite spending a fortune.

I got them done for myself and no other reason, she says. “My chosen professions could easily be done without surgical enhancements.”


She also said her decision to go under the knife for breast implants was not for her profession, but rather for her own “benefit and happiness.”

Alena says she had a series of three breast augmentation surgeries — first to a D cup, then a J before eventually reaching the N cup — which cost around $25,000 total.

Alena says she was frequently judged by others while growing up because her facial features and aura always generated a love/hate view, but she is learning to ignore haters and be confident.

The Seattle resident says her N-cup breasts do not cause her any pain or discomfort, and she has found ways to support the massive implants.

“I do a lot of exercises to help,” she says. My breast size is considered very large, but there are other women who have much bigger breasts.



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